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We our the marketing solution to your event or seminar attendance.


We work as partners with our clients to achieve maximum results and lasting relationships  First, we will evaluate your needs and expectations. Our team will then build and present the marketing plan to achieve your goals.  Once the plan is approved our highly trained telemarketing professionals will start getting your seats filled.

An Inbound Solution To Your Marketing Needs


Paramount Communications can produce all aspects of your inbound campaign whether it’s a small volume seminar or a large event. Additionally, our experts can provide the closing solutions for your companies already laid inbound marketing efforts.

Outbound telemarketing solutions that work


Paramount Communications outbound telemarketing service is one of the best at getting people in seats of your events and seminars.  You can concentrate on the logistics and content of your event and let our team of experts provide the high volume and high success rate marketing calls to get people there.

We have the team, skills and the experience to deliver


Paramount Communications believes in being partners with our clients.  We are an extension of your company.  An extension that provides you with a large staff of highly trained and experienced marketing professionals.  In addition, our team operates in a facility with state-of-the-art equipment, software and we are leading the way in maximum results telemarketing methods.

Getting People In Seats, That Is What We Do

Our expert team of marketers and state-of-the-art tools will deliver the results you need to fill those seats!
Dedicated Team

Your project will have a dedicated team of well trained marketing experts working on it.

Our call center technology is today’s best in class, ensuring maximum marketing efforts.
Free Initial Consultation

We always provide a free intial consultation to determine your goals and needs.


Get ahead of your competitors with a custom marketing plan

Paramount Communications delivers the best in class telemarketing services.  Our team of highly trained marketing professionals will evaluate your needs and goals to develop the best plan of action for your next event or seminar.

Increased Attendance
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Results

Getting People In Seats, That Is What We Do

Our expert team of marketers and state-of-the-art tools will deliver the results you need to fill those seats!
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Advancing Methods of Marketing


Exemplary Revenue Growth for Clients


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